3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Grab and Go Paper or Plastic Bags For This Summer. June 18, 2018 08:00


June is the month of summer solstice- the longest day of the year. The kids are finally out of school, which leaves time for swimming, s’mores, and sunscreen! With all the activities come empty stomachs- and meals that move as quickly as they can run!


Our plastic grab and go bags are ideal for summer camps and field trips. Add cold juice, graham crackers, and a hot sandwich for a midday power boost.

Sweet or salty, our plastic bags will help you savor summer.

Paper or plastic? Plastic! The real question is, “clear or printed?” Our clear bags are our most cost-effective option, and our printed bags draw the eye to their delicious, nutritious meals. Moisture-resistant, 100% recyclable and easy-to-use, these bags will give you more time to enjoy those long, sun-covered days.

One day, the kids will look back on these days with nostalgia. Imprint on their summer memories with custom artwork from your school or organization. Our in-house art department can print on the bags with an existing design, or work with you to create something entirely new!

There are so many different types and options when it comes to purchasing plastic or paper bags for your business or event. It can become confusing and overwhelming at times! Below we have put together what we think are some of the key factors when choosing the perfect bag for your school or organization.

Types of Grab and Go Paper Bags

Plastic Grab and Go Bags

Plastic grab and go bags are great storage for school meals, events and occasions. You can buy them with handles for easy carrying and also customize the design of the bag to fit the needs of the items that will reside in the bag. These bags are often used for restaurants, hotels and cafes, but they make perfect containers for pre packed breakfast or lunch servings. The bags are 100% recyclable.

Color of The Plastic Bags

Our plastic bags are semi transparent, however we have the option to produce clear bags as well.. Choosing a specific color can help you ensure that your brand is represented in the right way and allows customers to see the contents of the bag without opening it.


Paper Grab and Go Bags

Paper grab and go bags are wonderful for school events, holidays and grab and breakfasts or lunch. We offer a wide variety of designs, cut outs and prints. The products are made with 100% recyclable material and made in the USA.

Cost of Bags

Buying Plastic Bags

Buying plastic bags is part of creating a better experience for your customers, as they can take your product or information when they leave an event, outing or food service location.

Plastic Bags Wholesale

When purchasing plastic bags in bulk, we as plastic bag manufacturers are able to offer a discount or wholesale price to individuals who need them. Our unique designs offer a wide variety to choose from at an affordable price.

Custom Designed Bags

Are you looking for a custom designed bag that is specific to your event, school or special occasion? We can help with that.

Our professional designers have over 30+ years of experience creating designs for some of the biggest food service industries in the world.

Each bag is designed in order to meet the needs of our customers’ specifications. Our team is able to consult and design artwork to print on the plastic bags. Embrace your brand- carry it with you!

Ready to Buy?

If you have any questions and are looking to buy plastic bags for your school, corporate event, or special occasion, please contact our team at: (888) 394-1406 or contact us here.