How To Make Learning About Healthy Eating Fun For Students July 2, 2018 07:00



Who doesn’t like junk food? Sometimes it can be difficult to teach children about the importance of healthy eating, simply for the fact that many at a young age do not enjoy eating healthy foods. To promote nutrition and help kids make good choices, we have created a variety of fun and visually-appealing items. From fun games to visually appealing items such as stickers and wristbands, our goal is to help kids go beyond smart eating - we want to help them have a healthy lifestyle.

Decorating a classroom with nutrition posters can set the tone for a healthy start!

Get A Wellness Wheel

Our wellness wheels are great for kids to learn about nutrition through differentwellness-wheel trivia based questions representing all six MyPyramid food groups. The questions are on one side with a spinning wheel and the answers are on the back. Each of our wellness wheels are 5” in diameter and sold in cases of 100. The wheels conform to CPSIA-08 Standards and are great for kids of ages 3+. They’re so fun, the kids won’t even realize they’re learning!

Wellness Posters Are Great For Creating A Fun Atmosphere

Create an environment with fun and colorful wellness posters. Get your children or students in the mood for learning about healthy food and lifestyle choices. Our wellness posters come in sets of 9 or we also have a variety of individual healthy lifestyle posters for kids. Each of the posters represent a healthy lifestyle, full of fun facts on nutritious foods and smart choices.

Start Using MyPlate For Teaching Children and Students About Healthy Eating Styles

myplate-program-posterMyPlate is a government program that focuses on reminding individuals on the importance of building a healthy eating style throughout your lifetime. Choosing what you eat and drink matters. Choosing the right foods and mix can sustain your body for now and in the future.

MyPlate focuses on nutrition, quantities and a variety of foods. Start by helping your students make small changes in their life to understand the benefits. Our variety of MyPlate products include pencils, MyPlate posters, MyPlate silly glasses, activity booklets, notepads, MyPlate posters, Super sacks and more.

Participate In Events Like National School Breakfast Week

The National School Breakfast Week Program, which runs from March 5th-9th, is a natiaonal-school-breakfast-week-programnational program aimed at educating kids about the importance of a healthy breakfast. The first meal of the day fuels the mind and body for success! Our package of products for NSBW include a poster, pencils, activity sheets, backpack tags/clips and bracelets. The program’s items, whether purchased with the kit or sold separately, are extremely affordable.

It is important to remember that kids have an imagination. Stimulate their minds - use some of the items above when you are teaching your children about the present and the future. If their heads are in the clouds, remind them that healthy food can shoot them to the stars.