National School Lunch Week - October 15th – 19th, 2018 September 27, 2018 09:08

Every day schools across the country serve healthy and nutritious meals to students, fueling them for a day of learning. In October, many schools participate in National School Lunch Week with celebrations, reminding students, parents, and communities that a healthy school lunch helps students learn, grow and achieve. This year National School Lunch Week is October 15 – 19th.

School cafeterias are an ideal setting to teach students to practice healthy habits when it comes to making food and beverage choices. Research shows that good nutrition positively impacts student achievement and those healthy students are better learners. School Nutrition professionals play an important role in shaping lifelong healthy eating habits by offering meals with essential nutrients. All students can participate in school meal programs. 








decorations for cafeteria

National School Lunch Week highlights this program. Teachers and students celebrate in their cafeterias engaging students with decorations, themed menus and events. However, it's become far more than a celebration and has evolved into family and community awareness and education. For example, students bring home food samples and printed menus to share with family members, providing additional visibility in their school lunches. Many schools invite families to join the celebrations.

kids eating in cafeteria

The districts or cafeterias that recognize National School Lunch Week typically see an increase in student meal participation. Often, the program will pick up local media coverage from newspapers to TV stations, helping teachers and administrators to spread the word that school meals are healthy and delicious. Over 30 million children are served each day during the National School Lunch Program.

Mission Nutrition has helped promote National School Lunch Week for over 30 years by offering promotional programs designed specifically for this special week. These programs have proven to engage students in learning about healthy food choices, resulting in increased meal participation throughout the year, beyond NSLW. Mission Nutrition's NSLW programs include fun and educational give-a-ways for each day of the week along with posters to decorate the lunchroom.