2019-2020 Special Events Marketing Program

ONLY $1.05 per student. This program features a fun giveaway item for each month, based on a nine-month school year, plus a coordinating set of nine posters for each participating school site.

Programs must be ordered in cases of 100 at $105 per case. For example, if ordering for 500 students, please order 5 programs.

Items include:

  • September- Book-biter Bookmark
  • October- Activity Booklet - Healthy Snacks
  • November- Eraser/Pencil Topper Apple Scented!
  • December - Stencil Ruler - Healthy Holidays!
  • January – Scratch-off Cards - Nutrition Themed
  • February - Silicone Wristband – Heart Health Message Cinnamon Scented!
  • March - Eat a Rainbow of good nutrition – pencil
  • April – Mix-up Sticker Mix -Up Puzzle - Recycle “You Can Make a Difference”
  • May- Fitness Silly Glasses

Poster Series- Includes 9 Posters for each Participating School!

***NOTE: This program will begin shipping Mid July.  

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