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National School Lunch Week
A unique 5 day program including five fun lunch themed giveaways and a poster to help you and your students celebrate National School Lunch Week.
Mission Nutrition makes meal promotion educational, easy and economical!
The 2014 - 2015 Specal Events Program features a fun giveaway item for each month, based on a nine month school year, plus a coordinating set of nine posters per each participating school site.
2013-2014 Catalog
Click above to download the 2013-2014 Food Service Promotions Back to School Catalog. Download times may vary. File size: 7 MB.
Cafeteria Giveaways
A unique mix of fun and educational products for purchase aimed to teach kids the importance of healthy eating and the benefits of school meals.
My Plate
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2014 National School Lunch Week

2014 National School Lunch Week

Score More With School Lunch program.  Each program contains:


100-Bookmark Rulers

100-Activity Booklets



Each program allows 100 students to participate in week long program. 

Free poster for each participating school site. In comments section please include how many school sites are participating.

Score More Bookmark Ruler

Score More Bookmark Ruler

Score More With School Lunch.  This ruler with football field markings can be used as a bookmark or ruler!  Each hash mark represents 1/16 inch. For Ages 3+. Conforms to CPSIA-08 Standards. Packed 100/case. 2" x 6.25".