Earth Day 2018 Is Almost Here! April 11, 2018 15:55


Earth Day is the perfect time to teach students how important our environment is and what they can do to protect it. The first step toward a world of sustainable adults is to start students on the path of sustainability so they can understand why the Earth is so important! That way, when they grow up, they'll continue to practice good habits that can help preserve our Earth for future generations. 

Though the Earth is always an important topic of learning, Earth Day is the perfect time to integrate educational programs and earth day activities to remind students (and teachers) what makes the Earth so great. There are a lot of awesome ways to celebrate Earth Day 2018.

Here Are Some Earth Day Tips: 

Create a Bulletin Board - Promote ways your school and students can Reduce-Reuse-Recycle to make a difference in protecting our environment.decorate-recycling-bins

Decorate the Cafeteria Recycle Bins - The more that students get to be involved in the recycling process, the more excited they'll be about it. So, pull out those glitter pens, pencils, markers, and trinkets and let them decorate the recycling bins.

Promote an Earth Day Poster Contest - Coordinate with classroom teachers to have each student create a poster explaining why it is important to recycle and conserve resources. Display these posters prominently in the cafeteria and hallways. Encourage students to create artwork using recycled materials. 

Arrange “School Lunch Picnic Day” - What better way to celebrate Earth Day than enjoying the Earth? Organize a school lunch picnic where students eat their meal outside. Take students on a short nature walk to remind them how beautiful it is out there! 


Organize Trash Clean-Up Day - Have teams of students compete to see who can pick up the most litter around the school grounds. With garbage bags and gloves, students can really collect a lot. After they collect everything, try to recycle as much as you can instead of putting it straight into the garbage. This is an excellent way to have kids take pride in their surroundings and notice all the little things around the area.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, you'll be promoting the protection of the environment, sustainable habits, and reminding students how vital our Earth is. So, celebrate Earth Day any way you can, and it will be great! For more resources about school meal promotions and materials, please check out!